- Play online survival multiplayer io game brings the definitive survival experience to gamers all over the globe! Do everything you can to stay alive in the wild: look for food, mine, craft and set traps, fight openly or stay hidden – the possibilities are endless, how you play is up to you.

moomoo io

Controls’s control scheme is very straightforward: if you are familiar with how pretty much any PC or mobile game operates, you will get the hang of it in no-time! Utilize the actions available to you by pressing the appropriate keys, get used to the flow and soon you will become the master of the game.

Key bindings

The following list of control keys is applicable to any English keyboard with standard QWERTY layout. Bindings for other layouts may differ.


Survival is all about strategy: with a little luck using the tips listed below will help you through some rough times. There are no foolproof methods that guarantee success, but there sure are ways of maximizing your chances. This is, by no means, a complete guide, so feel free to add your own suggestions!